In this revolutionary process everything merges seamlessly to bring the PEX-a pipe production with a fully automated guaranteed cross-linking technique to a new dimension, in view of profitability and reliability. During this complex and sophisticated process the pipe’s inner values represent a particular challenge. Besides the first-class product quality PEXLINK guarantees the safe handling of the reactive fluid in accordance with ATEX 95a regulations. The one-stage process which is based on innovative infrared technology is continuously monitored and the cross-linking degree is permanently controlled. The user-friendly control unit and the highly precise dosing and mixing processes permit the development and optimization of own recipes. 
Your benefits: guaranteed crosslinking, maximum line speed and more flexibility.

PEXLINK crosslinking degree measurement

Inline measurement for maximum control and rapid intervention

AUREX ultrasound measurement

Innovative measurement of thickness and pipe centering

MAXFLEXX calibration sleeve

Variable adjustment in no time

PEXLINK infrared oven

Intelligent crosslinking at maximum line speed

SAVEOMAT MD dosing station

The combination of precise measuring, conveying, blending

SAVEOMAT peroxide conveyor station

Save conveying of the peroxide according to ATEX 95a


The solution for reactive liquids

  • Fully automated conveying of peroxide in accordance with ATEX 95a
  • Conveyor station can be easily placed in approved feeding room

Full leakage monitoring

  • In case pipelines leak, the conveyance automatically stops
  • Alarm message and default documentation for max. production safety

Encapsulation with inert gas atmosphere

  • Inert gas consumption is measured and monitored
  • Monitoring of reactive fluids on their way to the extruder

Competent consultancy

  • From the planning of the safety engineering to the production start


Efficient measuring, conveyance, mixing

  • Particularly controlled merging of individual recipe components to achieve the highest product quality

Combined mixing

  • Static and dynamic mixing
  • The integrated nozzle system conducts peroxide directly on top and into the extruder so that the passing plastic granules are evenly wetted

 Benefit from individual recipes

  • Perfect to generate own recipes and to optimum

Reduce raw material consumption by up to 10 %

  • Precise dosing and control allow for a more economical production


Cross-linking during the ongoing production

  • Fast and reliable one-step process
  • Continuous cross-linking before the vacuum tank

Controlled cross-linking

  • Optimum penetration of radiation into the material and absorption by peroxide
  • Radiation intensity is set depending on the types of polyethylene and peroxide

Maximum line speed

  • Minimum radiation time for maximum haul-off speed
  • Haul-off speed of up to 36 m/min, without compromising cross-linking degrees or the pipe quality

Efficient cooling

  • Integrated air cooling, adapted to the line speed, which functions as effective protection against burns of the pipe

Operation via 15" touch terminal


Quality assurance during the ongoing production

  • Non-destructive inline process, which monitors cross-linking degrees of the pipe
  • Continuous measurement, instant availability of the results

Direct evaluation

  • Direct comparison of set cross-linking degrees to actual values
  • Good documentation of small changes to the recipe or the energy supply

Direct intervention during the ongoing production

  • Access and control via user-friendly PEXLINK software and standard touch screen terminal

Use of synergy effects

  • Fully automated control of PEX-A pipe production in combination with SAVEOMAT dosing station and PEXLINK infrared oven